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It feels especially good to be making work again. Here is one of my most recent pieces titled “Mar”.

Mixed Media on wood.






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As an artist finding a photographer for my wedding turned out to be a bit challenging. I wanted someone who would be honest to who Kevin and I are as a couple. I was looking for someone who could portray our love for art and food as well as how much fun we have together.
I recently came across Darling Juliet and found her to be just right!

Julia came to our apartment to shoot our engagement photos. Kevin cooked breakfast, we cuddled with Jasper, we took a walk around the block and Julia took pictures. She is so talented and made the whole process so easy and fun. Take a peek and see what she is up to. You can follow her on her website, instagram @darling.juliet or on her blog!

Be sure to check out the rest of our engagement shoot  here !

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What an amazing night of food, friends and laughter. If you haven’t been to the Baazar yet – make a reservation and go enjoy the atmosphere and incredible works of genius he has created for you. The entire experience is poetic and inspiring. Here are just a few pictures of what we were lucky enough to enjoy yesterday. Food as art for the pallet and the eye – Jimmy, the floor manager shared the walls poetry with us, “La vida es un sueno, y los suenos, suenos, son.” Just perfect.

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Artists DavelYuhmi Collective and CROMO in their show 20something at Once Arts. A huge thank you to famous duck for putting the video together and Deaf Poets for their amazing performance that night, I look forward to working with you again soon.

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I’ve been working on index cards with simple house found items (graphite, ink, and acrylic paint). I’m challenging my self to make work with out going to the art supply store. I will have a full series of 23 pieces by the end of December. I am also working to fill my white wall space in the apartment. It started with painting my kitchen door and now I’m working on building shelves; Pintrest has been helpful with great ideas for what to do. After working so hard this last week Kevin and I decided we needed to treat ourselves. We went to Yardbird for brunch and had a wonderful time. Chef was kind enough to send out some deviled eggs with truffle shavings, smoked salmon roe, and homemade pancetta, thanks chef! We also enjoyed their local iceberg wedge salad with cheesy waffles, fruit and house granola – yummmm! If you haven’t been, go- just make sure you plan ahead with a reservation. 

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Scarfs : Even now in the early summer here in Miami there are great ways to wear one of my favorite accessories – Charlotte Linton, creator of Zoologist, is an amazing designer with beautiful patterns – check out her 2012 line for some  beautiful scarfs.

Blogger: I’ve also discovered  wonderful blogger Camille Styles  her DIY and Food sections are full of wonderful inspiration and ideas for everyone. I even did one of her DIY Transformed : Door to Door projects myself  (sea-foam door above)!

Music : Another one of my new favorite things is local band to Miami : Deaf Poets – If you havent heard about them yet – take the time to check them out and spread the word – they will be having a CD realease party Saturday, June 2 at our favorite music pub – Churchills – Hope to see you there!- do it! Here’s two of their music videos just to get you interested – Enjoy!

Jasper : Something new I’ve learned about this sweet pup of mine, is that he loves his carrots – Fav.!



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Inspired by the old fitting room door handles from Quiksilver I painted this deck, another CROMO original.

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