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I’ve been working on index cards with simple house found items (graphite, ink, and acrylic paint). I’m challenging my self to make work with out going to the art supply store. I will have a full series of 23 pieces by the end of December. I am also working to fill my white wall space in the apartment. It started with painting my kitchen door and now I’m working on building shelves; Pintrest has been helpful with great ideas for what to do. After working so hard this last week Kevin and I decided we needed to treat ourselves. We went to Yardbird for brunch and had a wonderful time. Chef was kind enough to send out some deviled eggs with truffle shavings, smoked salmon roe, and homemade pancetta, thanks chef! We also enjoyed their local iceberg wedge salad with cheesy waffles, fruit and house granola – yummmm! If you haven’t been, go- just make sure you plan ahead with a reservation. 


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